Methow Valley Barn


Methow Valley Barn HDR































Last weekend Cannie and I traveled to northern Washington State for a cross country ski holiday.  We stayed at Sun Mountain Resort and had two days of spectacular skiing.  On our second day we skied in the valley along the Methow River through some rural farmland.  I spied this interesting barn with a distinctive lean and a unique window frame.  The day was cold and the light flat and bright, difficult light to photograph.  For this image I employed a technique call HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging.  I took 3 separate images with different exposures and combined them into one image giving a wide range of exposure not possible in a single image.  I manipulated the contrast and colour to give it a darker, ominous feeling. (So according to Cannie, it’s not real because it’s been Photo-shopped).  Real or not, I like it.

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