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Meet Buck



Last November we made a return trip to Winthrop in the Methow Valley in Northern Washington State.  This whitetale buck, along with several doe, greeted us as we drove into our condo/cabin. The winter can seem dreary and colourless but in spite of the time of year you can often some rich colours.


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Valley of a Thousand Falls


Valley of Thousand Falls

This was our destination of our first day of hiking – Whitehorn Campsite in the Valley of a Thousand Falls, 11 km from the trailhead.  The camp is just to the right of this photo.  Whitehorn Mountain is the snow-capped peak in the background.  The river is Robson River flowing out of Berg Lake.  The trail follows the river up to the right, through the saddle on the top right of the photograph – emphasis on the “up”.  The cabin on the left is a Ranger Station where you can radio for emergency help.
The author thanks to Maple Leaf Online Casino for making this trip possible.

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Kinney Lake – Mount Robson Provincial Park

Kinney Lake

























This was our first stop on our hike to Mount Robson.  Kinney Lake is nestled into the mountains and is known for its calm, reflective water.  This was the view we had on our lunch break.  Needless to say it was a longer than it needed to be.  More to come.   Dan

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Great Blue Heron



We spent 10 glorious days at our wilderness cabin in August.  One afternoon we spend exploring the lakeshore and came upon a couple of Great Blue Herons.  Never before have I been able to get so close to this bird who is known for being skittish and nervous around humans.  This pair was quite comfortable to have us watch them as they patiently and skillfully fished for minnows along the skeletal, shoreline branches.  This photo is likely a two year old male and his mate stood guard to the right just out of the photo.  We managed to manoeuvre to within 15 feet of the two birds and remain watching for 10 minutes before easing away.

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Mount Robson

Mount Robson Cloudy
Time for the annual hike photographs.  This year I hiked with my good friend Harry into Berg Lake, around the back side of Mount Robson in Mount Robson Provincial Park.  We had an amazing and challenging 4 days in the backcountry.  When we arrived at the park the first evening we saw the typical image of Mount Robson with its head in the clouds.  Robson is the highest peak in the Canadian Rookies with an peak elevation of 3,954 m (12,972 ft).  The next morning as we started our hike we were blessed with a clear view of the top, a sight rarely seen due to extreme height and weather conditions.

Mount Robson - Clear Day

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